It hadn’t been a great day. It had started off full of frustration – the ex was (once again) completely remiss at turning up on time or even answering his phone, for his kids on the Saturday morning. When he did eventually rock up, the little one didn’t want to go with him and had to be prised off my leg. I had made plans to start a big decorating project that was now running 3 hours late and I was feeling stressed.

The day went from bad to worse (for my stress levels). A battle with taking apart and rebuilding the kids’ bunk beds took 3 hours and decorating was still not finished at 3am. I was dog tired. My one and only night of the week I had off from the kids had been taken over by this project. I had mashed up my hand taking apart furniture and nothing seemed to be working out.

Late that night I was driving to the shop to get a late dinner (whatever sandwich was in the reduced section and a diet coke) and I saw this sunset (featured image). I drove past in a bid to get to the shop and when I came out 5 minutes later, the sun had set even more. It wasn’t as beautiful as it had been but it still had a radiance and it hit me.

It’s ok that today was a bad day. That doesn’t mean I have a bad life.

It’s ok that things aren’t great or settled right now. One day they will be and we’ll appreciate it more because of these hard times.

It’s ok that he doesn’t love me in the way I want him to. At least I showed up.

It’s ok that I lost friends. I made new ones.

Everything is temporary, feelings, situations and it’s ok to have bad days but it sure as hell helps to find some beauty, no matter how simple, and move on to a better mindset.