I’ve been feeling a little reticent about blogging lately as it would appear people who read my blog feel that each and every post is about them somehow. I hate to break it to you lovely readers but the clue is in the title …… my name, my blog, about me and my life. Not you.

Glad we cleared it up. I wondered whether to say anything at all but in the end felt in the interest of honesty that I would as, after writing a confidential post about me and my life and what I had been through there has been an incredible response. Most people have been incredibly supportive and amazing. A few people have chastised me saying that I shouldn’t have posted it without asking reasons why I posted it (to try to help anyone else in that situation. To not have these important issues swept under the rug. To encourage others going through it to recognise it for what it is and that it’s not ok). I have been told that I should have posted anonymously and from someone who doesn’t have children of her own, that I am not protecting my children because I use their names when I blog.

Sadly this has had a knock on effect. A friend whom I later referred to in a ‘thank you’ Valentine’s post didn’t want to be included (first name only so no huge identification issues especially as I have a cousin with the same name). I will admit that it knocked my confidence and I wondered whether to keep blogging, whether to start a new, anonymous blog but I think if people really wanted to find me online then they would and there probably isn’t such a thing as anonymity anymore.

The thing is, I love blogging. Always have and probably always will and I couldn’t imagine not having a space where I can quite literally brain dump. If I feel a post is too personal in nature then I password protect the post because it’s for my eyes and possibly a few select friends, and not yours.

So I have decided that I will keep blogging. If you don’t like it then don’t read it and for those who do like it then please feel free to comment. I answer all comments  and love opening up thoughts and issues. You’ll see from older posts that this blog has taken me through different phases of my life and I like that there’s somewhere that has a complete record of the last few years.