I have had the weirdest 24 hours. I would say the strangest in a long time but I’m going to go even further than that and say probably the strangest ever. Let me walk you through it….

For the first time yesterday the boys were due to be picked up from school by their Dad (usually I pick them up and drop them at their Dad’s on a Weds) which means that I dropped them at 8:15 on Weds and I wouldn’t see them again until 5:15pm on Thursday. Of course I miss them yadda yadda but for that space of time I pretty much don’t have any responsibility whatsoever (other than to keep myself alive of course).

The day started off as I’d expect it to, got home from school drop off and did some work for a couple of hours whilst WhatsApping friends and family who are all living abroad and are on massively different time zones. To give you an idea the 4 people I speak to on a daily basis are based in: Houston (6 hours behind), San Fransisco (8 hours behind) and Sydney (11 hours ahead). Take into account that I’ll be speaking to 2 of them on WhatsApp simultaneously the 19 hour time difference between the 2 is just mind boggling (to me anyway).

Took Stitch for a very blustery walk (didn’t know that Doris was on the way – haven’t really watched any news so no idea if it’s gales, hurricane etc. Needless to say it has blown my recycling boxes away and the trail of empty tonic bottles is a bit of an embarrassment). So far, so normal….

I went on Whatsapp to search for something and up popped my (long ago) ex boyfriend’s details as a contact….. not quite sure how that happened but in the interests of being extremely bored I got in touch with him and he popped over for coffee. Very weird to see him again and the fact that other than a few more grey hairs he hadn’t changed a bit….. in 10 years! I’m sure I look ancient next to him despite our 19 year age difference.

Whilst he was here a friend asked for help with his website – he was working at the local uni, could I pop up and work with him and students on it? Sure as long as I was paid in wine. So I packed up my macbook, chucked Stitch some dog treats and in true teenage style asked my ex for a lift to the uni, which was in an entirely different direction to the one he was heading in.

Let me begin by saying….. I never went to uni and despite having been to this one for a few events, I still find it a bit weird when I’m there. Met my friend and off we went to work in the classroom with the students. Immediately I was hooked up to the projector, given a (plastic) glass of wine and the power hungry side of me came out as I talked them through the details of their website, what essentially makes an awesome site and what will have people clicking off it faster than the blink of an eye.

I then spent some time working with a student on how to choose photos for the site (stock images) and felt very complimented when she said ‘your mind goes to places that others’ just don’t’. I’m going to take that as a compliment anyway. So far so good.

The wine ran out and my friend and I went to the student union bar to replenish. This is where things got ridiculous (not that the rest of the day hadn’t been utterly ridiculous before now). I haven’t smoked since November 2015, preferring instead to vape. But the vape ran out so my friend decided to call an uber to take him to the shop purely to buy fags then uber back. I wasn’t allowed to take my plastic cup of wine in the car so stayed at the bar until he returned.

He returned, we carried on drinking then eventually headed back to the classroom to do some work and grab some food. Around 11:30pm I had had enough (and couldn’t see particularly straight) so cited that Stitch needed me and after one last fag break where we debated religion and whether or not I was playing the role of victim, I ubered home.

Woke up, not feeling too ropey thank goodness to……. 26 Whatsapp messages. What’s more, I had woken a couple of times in the night and answered a load of Whatsapp so what are the 26 messages about? Nothing terribly important, just another part of my very weird day!

Here’s how the next day conversation with my friend went:


One day I’m going to be better at this whole adulting thing but clearly, that’s not today!