I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day, I just can’t bring myself to. A long time ago someone said I was lacking the romance gene and I’d have to completely agree with them. Being an utterly practical person the thought of flowers and enforced romance and chocolate and crap just fills me with dread. Even though I’m practical, I am compassionate, empathetic etc, I just don’t really do romance. I will admit that occasionally I have the ‘happy ever after’ dream that Disney enforces on us but at the same time, even whilst dreaming it, I start to feel trapped and like a round peg in a square hole.

I guess this is made up of a lot of factors but let’s just look at one of them….. I don’t believe that anything is ‘forever’ whether it’s love, friendship, partnership etc, I don’t take it as a given that just because you like someone or something now, doesn’t mean in 30 or 40 years time, you’ll still feel the same way*. Also, I don’t think it’s ok to celebrate love/lust etc on one special day. If you love someone make sure they know it, make them feel loved every day. Value them, respect them, be the partner/friend that they want and need and that to me is love.

Just because I’m on my own and have no-one to do the romance thing with (thankfully, as I’m really, really bad at romance), doesn’t mean that there aren’t people I want to know how much I value them so today I dedicate my blog to them:

To Lekki – for having fabulous taste in shoes and friendship and being my all round awesome friend for 20 years now.

To Lisa – for being oh so amazing, for sending me enough audios to get me out of bed and the children to school on time. For believing in me and always being on my team.

To Kate – Honestly? I doubt I would even be able to breathe without you.

To Cathy – What an amazing lady, what an incredible friend, my life is so much richer for you and your support.

To Livvy – you are the best (and most terrifying) cousin a girl could wish for. I love you gazillions and am so proud of you.

To Miri – Every time I think of how awesome you are, you do something to show me how much more awesome you actually are. Your compassion, resilience and can-do attitude is something I so admire.

To Fay – It’s a known fact that I flat out couldn’t breathe without you. I am the limpet on your shoe. Thank you for carrying me all this way.

To J – for always keeping it real and never letting me get ahead of myself.

To my lovely, lovely children – I may not be romantic but you make it all wholly worthwhile.


*obviously this excludes Bon Jovi love which, of course, lasts a lifetime!