I cannot tell you how unbelievably crap the last few days have been and I don’t really want to go into details here (great for a blog writer!) Have I had worse days than this? Probably. Does it feel like it right now? No.

This week it feels as though every time I wade through one pile of crap, another is heaped on top of me and it comes from lots of surprising places. Be it friendships, relationships, financial, it’s all utterly overwhelming right now.

I’m sorry I can’t write about more positive things but every time I think things are ok, something comes along to swipe my knees from under me.

There is one thing I will take from today though – After I collected the boys from Stu’s, I came home, cranked up Bon Jovi really loudly and Dylan and I danced around the kitchen to it. Even at the darkest of times, there is a little bit of sunshine.