With the separation I feared that I would lose friends where they didn’t want to feel as though they were taking sides between Stu and I. I’m sure that along the way there will be friends who do distance themselves, who I don’t hear from quite as much etc. What I wasn’t expecting is friends who have come out of the woodwork in support of everything that is happening. Particularly friends who have been through the process themselves. One in particular, who is the friend of a friend and I happened to add on Facebook 5 years ago to organise said friend’s hen night, has been amazing. She has been divorced twice and has been brilliant with advice and support.

Last night was the first time that the kids went to visit Stu and stay overnight, since he moved out a few days ago. Timings were good as he moved on the Sunday and the boys only had to wait until the Wednesday to see him. I picked them up from school, dropped them at Stu’s then came home, had a friend over for dinner and went to bed. In the pitch black (J insists on having the light on at night) in a calm, silent house without having to get up for the school run the next day….. bliss.

Everyone has been saying to me that the first time the kids are away overnight I must keep myself busy, don’t be alone etc and all I can feel is relief. I love the boys desperately but after literally not having a break for 7 years, it’s just really nice to have a bit of calm, space, comfort and not constantly having to dance attendance on them. Also made easier by the fact I’ll be picking them up from school at 4:45pm.

Until then….. I have decided to spend the morning working from my bed – something I don’t usually do as Stu used to work in the room next to me and I’d find it too claustrophobic. But with just Stitch and I in the house, a cup of coffee by my side and channel 4 on the tv, today is definitely getting off to a good start.