Today, Monday 23rd January marks the first day of the rest of our lives. Stu has properly moved out and it was our first day without having any contact with him at all. I woke up, around 6am, and the first thing that came apparent is that Jago wasn’t well enough to go to school. Challenge number 1: having to take him in the car in his pjs (Spiderman for anyone who’s interested) and a coat, so Dylan can go to school. I always knew that being able to leave him with Stu when he was ill so I could run errands, was a luxury. I just wasn’t expecting this on our very first day flying solo.

No panic, Dylan was delivered to school on time, a quick trip to Tesco while J waited in the car and mooching around the house, not being able to work while J laid around on me, refusing to let me get on with stuff. I know in a year’s time this will all change and he’ll spend his ‘ill’ time lying around watching movies. Most of the day was spent on the phone, either telling people our recent news (Dad took it well) or having well wishers keeping me going – it was strange, felt a little like a celebration with all these friends routing for me. J had a sleep then we went to collect Dylan and his friends from school.

As the first day of us as a single parent family, I wanted the boys to feel supported and have fun. I invited a couple of Dylan’s friends over for a playdate and everyone had a great time. The boys did not ask for Stu at all during the day so it felt like a success.

Why am I telling you about our day? Because, despite it looking like a bust from 6am, we managed to turn it around and although unremarkable, it signified something good…. that even when faced with adversity right from the off, we will make this work and we will make it ok.

So today was the first day of the rest of our lives. It may not have been a ‘great’ day, but it was a good one and to me, that makes it very great indeed.