Roughly 4 years ago I went to the Festival of Education and after a brilliant opening speech by Anthony Seldon, we were forced to endure a highly boring video by Paul McCartney on encouraging if not vegetarianism as a whole, than schools and businesses to embrace ‘meat free Mondays’.

The school I worked in at the time (where I got to have lunch) already did meat free Thursdays so the kids and I were sorted for at least one meal. Problem was, Stu really complained about vegetarian food at home and I had fallen into the trap of cooking either meat or fish every night and often, for 2 meals as we both worked from home.

With a new life waiting in the wings, one of the things I am very keen on is for dinners to be less of a large affair and more of nutritious, affordable food that the kids enjoy and ok it’s a week late to start off a new year goal, but it doesn’t mean it’s not worth having so from now on I am going to have meat-free Monday every week at home.

This week started with pain au chocolate in the car on the way to school (only way to get the blighters to school in the morning), followed by olive and halloumi salad for lunch and tuna/tomato/olive pasta for dinner. Ok, we have a little way to go until completely vegetarian Mondays but it’s a good start.

To this end, I’m going to meal plan Mondays for the rest of term (11 weeks) and hopefully we can move to fully vegetarian Mondays. If you have any suggestions for recipes I would love to hear them! Please bear in mind that my smallest person cannot have nuts, chickpeas, lentil and sesame. I’m sure if your recipe included any of them (other than nuts) we could substitute it.