Hello again!

I know I don’t write for ages and ages but I guess, I have no readership so it doesn’t matter plus most of my working life is spent infront of a computer so when at home I don’t really have the energy (once I have dealt with my 3 year old) to dredge up my thoughts/feelings etc and put them into the written word.

There is a reason I have decided to post today and it is this: to follow up on a blog I wrote a loooooong time ago (May 23rd 2011) which can be found here. As a recap (for my one reader who reads my blog) this was about my frustration at friends who hung on in there waiting for men who were never likely to propose. Well…… a lot can change in 17 months and yesterday I found myself at their wedding and what a day it was.

I know many people say it because it’s the right thing to do but in this case it is so incredibly, utterly true – the bride was absolutely stunning. I mean, wow! A real knockout. She was dressed with class, elegance  attention to detail, the list could go one. Her dress was stylish, flattered her (amazing) figure and finished perfectly with a sparkly hair accessory and no other jewellery. The men looked fab, the bridesmaids, stunning (stylish, elegant, classy).

The bride, being a very active christian, was very involved in her ceremony (which I was lucky enough to do a reading at) and what a wonderful ceremony it was. Beautiful hymns (In Christ Alone, We Plough the fiends and scatter, How Great Thou Art). Meaningful prayers, beautiful readings, all in the family’s church which has been going since Norman times (in this church’s case, 1080AD).

The speeches were wonderful, the bride’s father began by saying he had looked at the ‘father of the bride speechs guide’ and it said that he should mention special or distinguished guests. He went on to say: ‘You are all special, you are all distinguished, you are all welcome’. Beautifully said and so nice considering there were 120 guests; it was nice to not feel just one of a number. The father’s speech was beautiful, sentimental, entertaining, welcoming and finished with an Ionian prayer for the newly weds (may the Lord bless you and keep you).

After a wonderful speech I have to admit I was wondering how well the groom’s speech would hold up. Well I needn’t have worried, the Groom did us all proud – the sentiment, the love of which he spoke of his wife an new family. Everything was perfect.

The best men’s speech I won’t mention. Other than to say 2 best men sharing a mic, passing it back and forth just doesn’t work. Either have 2 individual speeches or have it written by 2 people but delivered by 1.

Finally – The bride took to the dancefloor for the first dance with a microphone and introduced it for us, she said her husband’s favourite thing was to dance with her and boy did they set the dancefloor on fire to Amy Winehouse’s ‘Valerie’.

To my lovely friends – a wonderful wedding was had by all (boy do you guys know how to throw a good party!) Wishing you a wonderful honeymoon and a lifetime of happiness.