I accept that I’m not very good with blogging. I’d really like to be, I just find that my ‘creative thoughts’ tend to fit nicely into the 140 characters that twitter provides.

As usual I’ve chosen to use my blog to whine…….I find it easier here as the only person who reads it is my best friend who lives in the states and who I miss soooooo much. 

So….. on to the topic……. Dear Diary I am utterly fed up of…… work! Now don’t get me wrong I really love my job. I love that I’m making a difference in education, that I’m changing the face of a 60+ year old institution, that I’m supporting my family and the families who come to the school. I love a load of my colleagues. What I don’t love is the 2 colleagues who I work really closely with. I know both of them feel threatened by the job I do (even after 5 long years) but I get really tired of the ganging up I get from them. I find this behaviour so childish especially as they are both much older than me. Most days I find it relatively easy to ignore. I know that I’m never going to love feeling them behaving like this, other days, like to day I just feel so flipping beaten by it. To be honest some of it is utterly pathetic (on a group email they both complained that I made them change their computer passwords – given that I’m in charge of IT and our system had had hundreds of hacking attempts it was protocol for every member of staff to change their passwords, not just them). Other times they don’t give a single thing I do a chance before emailing/calling each other then sending me separate emails nagging about it. 

I won’t go into detail at their latest antics here as it would probably be really unprofessional of me but what I will say is I’m really fed up of being treated that I got my job down to birthright when nothing could be further from the truth. I got my job from working my arse off and ability, because of my ‘birthright’ it means that I have to work doubly hard to prove myself. What these ridiculous people also don’t realise is that without me and my job their jobs would be in serious danger as a huge part of my job is increasing cash flow and productivity. 

Rant over. Thank you for listening!