Ok so it’s totally true that you spend forever planning your big day and then once it’s over you don’t particularly think about it that much again and all that hard work and effort is put behind you and you move on with your life (and in my case new project is decorating the house just as time consuming and with less appointments!)

So I was flicking about on Twitter the other day and saw some posts about wedding horror stories and what people do and don’t recommend when it comes to their wedding. It made me think it may be worth spreading the word so here goes:

The Richmond Gate Hotel (funnily enough by Richmond Gate) were utterly awesome and I totally, completely recommend them. Despite a few staffing hiccups when we first started dealing with them 4 months before the big day, they were amazing, they listened to everything we wanted, worked their socks off on the day and we had an amazing day all thanks to them.

This for me was the really big one as other details can be overlooked or when it comes down to it won’t matter, for example the cake lady made the wrong cake. It had nothing in common with what I’d asked for and as she’d charged an extortionate price for it I was pretty p*ssed off but it didn’t ruin the day. Likewise the hairdresser didn’t do what I wanted and I spent the day looking totally different to what I’d asked for. Again annoying, still makes me bristle a bit when I look at the photos but I still think the most important thing is the venue. That you really can’t afford to scrimp on as that’s what the guests and you experience. The guests won’t care what hairstyle you have or what the cake looks like but they will care that they have enough to eat and drink and are comfortable, that everyone has somewhere to sit, that the loos are accessible, all the boring things that we don’t like to worry with the details of.

Another thing I’d definitely recommend, if you’re having alterations made to your dress and it’s a medium to large dress, for goodness sake ask the dressmaker to bustle it for the evening. I was bullied into having the dressmaker my Mum wanted to do the alterations and while she adjusted the length (charging a small mortgage for her services) she didn’t bustle it and in the evening it was almost impossible to dance in it as my shoes kept getting caught up in the many layers of the dress.

Finally, and this is probably the most important one is please please please start your wedding later in the afternoon. I dread the invitation of a midday starting wedding – 12 hours with the same people is too long and while we all want to have a great party with our friends – 7 hours is definitely enough. Likewise if you do decide to have a long day don’t drag it out. I was at a wedding where my husband and I didn’t know anyone else and after the 10 minute ceremony we had to wait for nearly 3 hours while the bride and groom were whisked off for photos. Hanging around at weddings is a big no-no in my book (for those who are interested – for my own wedding I had 45 mins of canapes before we went for dinner, dinner was an hour and 10 mins then evening guests and speeches and 45 mins after finishing dinner, having a drink. listening to speeches we were there for the full on party with a live band). I think you’ll also find hanging around at weddings is a big no-no in other guests books, they’re probably just too polite to say anything.

So there you have it people, my witterings about weddings and what I do and don’t think are important. Take it or leave it but please please note my point about not going on too long and if you’re in SW London check out the Richmond Gate Hotel, you won’t be disappointed!