So I finally decided to log on and saw that my last post was on May 23rd. Definitely time to update the blog I think but as it’s late and I want to go to bed I’ll leave you with these thoughts:

1. Tiredness makes my brain go blank and now I can’t remember what those thoughts are.

2. I really would like to look like the girl that’s on this blog page. Ok she’s only 2d and a drawing but I think she’s a pretty damn cool one.

3. I chose wordpress over blogspot because my lovely friend, Lekki uses it. I’m wondering if blogspot is a bit more user friendly than wordpress.

4. After nearly 3 years I finally decided to leave Babycentre today and close my account. Life’s too short for cliquey bitchy woman running everyone down to make themselves feel better.

5. Regarding point 4 I actually feel incredibly free and wonder why I didn’t do that before.

6. I’m wondering if I add the wordpress shortcut to my toolbar if I’ll actually use it more often.

7. I wonder what I’m going to blog about now that the wedding (and it’s issues) is behind me and nothing interesting is going on right now.

8. Wondering how my lovely Lekki is on the other side of the world six hours behind us.

9. It’s time for bed. See you hopefully quicker than it was between this and the last blog!