So I think I’ve finally realised what my blog is about. On those days where you could just FRIKKEN WELL SCREAM!!!!!!!!! and can’t rant away in polite company an anonymous blog that only my best friend has access to is the way forward. So sorry bloggers (and Lekki) this probably won’t be at all interesting to you but I’m going to vent. So here’s my scream list:

1. Following on from my earlier wedding post Stu wasn’t happy with such an informal day and wanted to delay the wedding. I said no so it worked out we’d have to go by Mum’s will and have a day we didn’t really want just so Stu got the day he wanted (if that makes sense?)

2. So with that all settled I had a phonecall from our venue yesterday (with 4 months and 6 days to our wedding day) saying that they’ve CLOSED DOWN!!!!!!!

3. I had to tell Mum who (of course she’s such a bloody know it all) says she KNEW this would happen (just like she KNEW we’d change our minds on a formal to informal day – frikken know it all).

4. Mum now heavily involved in our wedding making all the decisions which were preceeded by the comment: ‘if you thought I was just going to heave up the cash and let you spend it without having my input you have another thing coming’.

5. So I can get married, I just can’t have the wedding or run up to it that I want.

6. Phoned our second choice venue and they no longer have the date we want. Brilliant, that won’t make things awkward.

7. Have had to chop the guest list nearly in half leaving off lots of lovely people I wanted to come.

8. Some of the people who have been axed were meant to be making/bringing things to the wedding and now I’m going to have to shell out for them with money we don’t have.

9. Asked my Step Mum for some of the money she and Dad promised towards the wedding. She said no.

10. Ok this is totally unwedding related but I’ve been weaning my son which is frikken hard enough – got him down to 2 feeds a day – one in the morning and one for nap time. Fed him both of them today and then he refused to nap. All this while I look after my friend’s daughter who is napping so now I’ve spent an hour feeding him (which I feel I’ve been tricked into), he’s still not asleep so when I do try to put him to sleep he’ll go ballistic that I won’t feed him and I’ll have had 2 babies on the go all day long as my friend’s daughter (who is with me for 10 hours a day) will be awake soon. On top of that my son’s really grumpy and keeps whinging because he should be ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!

*gasp* and breathe.