Up until now I’ve quite enjoyed planning my wedding despite there being many changes, many financial worries, a change of date, changes of venue but about 2 months ago something fab happened. Stu (my beloved) said that he thought we should ditch the plans of a big formal wedding and just have a ceremony and a big party. This was music to my ears. I hated the formal stuff, this is exactly what I wanted just a big party to celebrate and to top it off it would come in at a fraction of the cost so we wouldn’t feel like we were rinsing our parents of all their cash.

We eagerly found a venue, got planning, I tried and tried and tried to talk to Mum about wedding money and she just kept putting it off. We kept planning it and as she’d offered to pay x amount and we were asking for a fraction of that we thought it would be ok to carry on planning.

I was wrong.

I appreciate that people on here don’t know how hideous my Mum can be and I won’t go into details but she can be pretty damn nasty and controlling and yesterday she was out in all her glory. The upshot of it is that the wedding we were planning is now off.

Stu and I are still working on the details and we’re still, by hook or by crook going to get married but it looks like rather than having the big party we hoped for we’ll be having a ceremony in the church, then will just be off to the pub with whoever wants to join us and have a drink to celebrate. Followed by a bbq for our very closest friends in the back garden.

It’s going to rock!! Ok I’m a little (lot) bit disappointed that my Mum’s being like this again but I’m really excited that we’re going to be getting married, that we can ditch all formality and just chill with friends and family. Let’s hope the weather holds for the bbq as our house is very, very small!