For years I’ve strived to be some sort of domestic goddess a la Bree in Desperate Housewives. Albeit a much messier, foul mouthed version of Bree……. So desperate housewives has been going for quite a long time now and the only thing I can say that I have in common with Bree is that we’re both (fake) red heads.

I can cook pretty damn well. I’m rubbish at following recipes but I am darn good at throwing a whole load of ingredients together and creating food that people are willing to eat. I like to think of it as creative catering. However there are a few things that I just CANNOT seem to make and bread is one of them.

I have to admit I haven’t tried very often because every time I optimistically thought I’d give it a go after hours of lovingly kneading it, proofing it, kneading it again, baking it, it always turned out to be more brick like than bread like. *sigh* Then I happen upon the idea of bullying my mother in law into buying me a breadmaker for my 30th birthday (don’t tell me I don’t know how to live in the fast lane!)

So 8 days after turning 30 I finally take it out of the box, read the instructions as Stu instructed, measured and weighed all my ingredients, put it in the breadmaker on the 5 hour setting just as the manual said and then spent 5 hours getting very, very excited. What could possibly go wrong? After all I’ve followed all the instructions……. So after 5 hours of excitement I hear the 8(??) beeps on the breadmaker telling me to take my loaf out, I rush over and am confronted by…….. a brick!!

Nevermind I tell myself, I think it’s to do with the yeast (managed to use dried active rather than fast action). I think I’ll give it one more go……. I gather all my ingredients, follow all the instructions, choose another type of loaf (a 2 hour cycle one) and wait. About half way through I start to smell bread baking, this is a good sign 🙂 After the 8(?!) beeps I rush to the breadmaker, it’s got to have worked this time and am confronted by…….. The smallest loaf I could have possibly imagined. Clearly ‘medium’ means – would serve your average toddler. Nevermind off to the shops for more flour tomorrow and well……. I’m not too hopeful but I’m not giving up just yet (for starters my mother in law would kill me if I bin me desperately wanted for present after 2 uses). I’ll let you know how I get on!