So this probably won’t mean that much to most of the people reading but when I was in my first year of GCSE’s we studied the play – Journey’s End – a play about Trench Warfare during the First World War. This play started my love affair with many things: Psychology, Life during the wars, English, you name it and I felt that this touched on just about every area of my life.

To my despair a film had never been made of it and it wasn’t showing at the theatre despite me keeping a look out. Well a month or so ago I happened across (by accident) a poster advertising it at a local theater. I couldn’t believe it and booked tickets as soon as I could. I went yesterday and oh my goodness.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a play literally coming to life before my eyes like I did yesterday. The characters were exactly as they had been in my head except they were bigger, better and more than I could ever have imagined. The set was inspired and was a great representation of the dug outs of the war. But the acting……… I don’t know who chose the cast but they were amazing, ok so I know lots of people would say ‘how hard is it to repeat a few lines from a book’ but it was more than that, the cast really ‘got’ their characters, it was inspired, emotional and something I’ll keep with me.

The writer of Journey’s End is from the same area I am and went to the same school my brother went to. At the end of the play all the actors stood in a line and there was a huge screen behind them with all the names of all the soldiers and their regiments from the war. It certainly made a point. It was well thought out, brilliantly acted, brilliantly directed and if anyone gets the chance to go and see this play I urge you to do so, I hope it touches you as it’s touched me.

For anyone wanting anymore info on R C Sherriff: